Dear Esteemed Customers,

We have been fortunate to produce a remarkable product recognized by a very loyal and appreciative following over the last 11 years. We are committed to continuing to offer our product excellence and kind customer service in the midst of a new challenge in the pricing of our tags. We have done our best to price our tags fairly but new increases in our foundry labor and materials have blown our costs out of the water.

With times as they are, I am informed by my casting foundry that prices are increasing 100% on our raw tag castings such as you see in our video. I have no choice but to add this cost to the price of our tags which represents a substantial price increase in our product line.

I’m sharing this with regret but also with the intention that you should be informed. Silver Paw is a very small business that provides great attention to detail such as no other tag on the market provides today. The hand labor in our tags is almost incalculable. The stainless steel industry has been transformed since COVID-19 hit and that now affects us.

We’re hoping you continue to support us and purchase our tags with the knowledge that you are buying the most superior US product on the market today, made thoughtfully, skillfully, and lovingly to last the life of your pet and beyond. We love our product and hope to continue to take great pride in its delivery to you.

Our price changes will go into effect from April 12th, 2022.

Most Sincerely,
Karen Twombly

Casting Silver Paw tags is a very labor intensive and time consuming process. Our tags are cast and poured at a foundry here in Maine. We use a special stainless steel alloy, duplex 2205, by way of the centuries old lost wax casting technique

Stainless Steel Dog Tags