What our customers are saying about us

This tag is made with stainless steel which is very durable. I chose the paw print design. Midget’s name and our phone number is twice engraved on the back ensuring it will stay there forever instead of being rubbed or worn off. The engraving is even guaranteed for life! Oh boy, let me tell you – the tag is a PERFECT match to her black harness! It looks like a decoration: like it was made to be there.

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I have three dear friends with even dearer dogs, Jolly, Gracie and Fergus. Such a dilemma – what to get them worthy of their status? At this Year’s Yarmouth Clam Festival I had the pleasure of meeting Karen Twombly and was so impressed with her work that the personalized dog tags became the perfect gift. Thanks for a lovely product!

Karen Waite – ME

Last year I ordered my new puppy one of your tags. Abu has been sporting the beautiful steel bone tag for a year now. He’s really put it through the wringer and it still looks fantastic. It’s been muddied and soaked and chomped on by his dog wrestling buddies and shows no ill affects. Thanks for the work of art.

Lori & Abu

Thank you so much! I’m so happy with Findlay’s new paw tag; it looks fantastic, and the quality is just great! I will definitely buy from you again when the time comes.

Nicole – Denver, CO

I wanted to let you know that our order arrived (several days ago!) and we love it!!!  This is EXACTLY what I wanted for our new Airedale pup.  I love the heft and polish.  Thank you so much for creating this glorious piece!!

Krista – Virginia

I can’t believe how fast my order came, beautifully engraved. We are SO PLEASED with our LAB ID tag. And I greatly appreciate the scrutiny you gave to the info I sent you. You caught my mistake. Thank you so much.”  Lottie – ID
“The stainless steel squirrel id tags are FABULOUS!   My husband absolutely loved them. The dogs think that they are cool too!! Not sure that the squirrels think they are too cool.  LOL. I am going to order one more for a friend’s Irish Setter that loves to chase squirrels in his backyard…it will be a great Christmas gift.   I am also sending your website to a friend of mine in California and one in Washington state. As soon as I groom at least one of the dogs….I will get a photo and post it on your site on Facebook and endorse you.They are wonderful!!!”

Mary – Oregon

I just love our new tag for Daisy!!!  I will pass your website on to everyone I know. Thanks again and also for the fast delivery.

Deborah – PA

I received Abu”s tag today. It is absolutely beautiful. It’s so classy and well made. Gorgeous! It really is the best pet tag I’ve ever come across. I’ll send a picture of my new puppy sporting his tag when I get him next month.

Lori – Ontario, CA

Just wanted to comment. My husband and I purchased two of your tags for our dogs when we visited Maine to attend the lobster festival. Our two dogs, Otis and Lucy both passed away within the last 6 months. I took the tags to a jeweler and had a sterling silver bracelet made using the tags. We are starting a new family with two new puppies.

Sonya – Knoxville, TN

Pippa’s ID tag arrived this morning at 10:30 our time, both Pippa and I are very pleased with the ID tag, thank you very much for a very easy order and transaction.

Cliff – CA

I received my pet tag today, what fast service and I love it! It looks handsome on my newly adopted dog :) I will surely pass on the word to all of my pet loving friends. Thanks again!

Kathy – S. Portland, ME

I have a tag for my dog that I got last year at the Fryeburg fair, and it looks as good and strong as the day I bought it! Thanks again!

Paula – Maine

Tessa’s ID tag arrived today and it is really beautiful. I love the craftsmanship. I know it will hold up to our Danes ruff and tumble life better than the ones we have purchased before. I will give your brochure to my daughter for her dog. I know she will want one!

Kristen – FL

I got one of your tags as a gift for my Pug, Chumley. My husband attended a friends craft show out in Exeter, N.H. A few months ago and saw your tags there. I love the paw print tag he bought for my dog. A month ago I lost the tag so I just ordered another one over the weekend. I will send you a picture of Chumley wearing it. The quality is beautiful. Thank you.

Kathleen – NH

The quality is like no other. When ours arrived in the mail, I kept them as charms, because they’re so beautiful. They’re like jewelry. I haven’t come across any tags that I like better.

Kimberly – WA

…is about all i can say…I LOVE it.. and so does ECHO…:) This is the third try to find a tag with some ruggedness, art, and function. I bought two other tags from two different companies. On one of the tags, the metal was so thin, that Echo’s name came thru
on the other side. Another company, the tag was so small and the metal used so soft, the tag was wearing away after only 3 weeks. I’ll spread the word about you over here on this side of the country (Seattle).

Pam – WA

Thanks for the note and such quick service to replace my one lost tag.  I do really like them (the other two dogs still have theirs).  Compared to the other tags on the dogs’ collars (rabies tag, town license) they are easily readable with no rust or apparent wearing smooth!  And, being heavier and thicker than any other tags I’ve had, they are far easier to grab ahold of, and read, on the neck of a hyper beagle, an Australian Cattle Dog with a thick, heavy coat, and the 90# all muscle-and-bone German Shepherd Dog.

Tom – Bergen, NY

The tag is surely the nicest I’ve purchased – very fine eye to detail and craftsmanship. To me, Piper is far more than a “pet.” She is the inspiration behind my book, and I protect her safety in every manner available. I feel secure knowing that the lettering is so durable and I can rely on its legibility and your guarantee. By the way, your customer service is superb.

Barbara – California

So far I am pleased with my Silver Paw experience, your website is very tastefully designed and easy to navigate.  I found you in a Google search for “durable dog tag”.  Only tiny difficulty I had was not being able to find info on tag font being in caps or not, so I wasn’t sure how to input my pet info or how it would look on tag.  Another thought; I realize there would be a cost involved, but having a virtual tag display feature would be comforting to many people I believe.  Although anticipating the surprise is fun too!  I know you have to balance costs to profit, and for all intents and purposes your website is far superior to most out there in ANY market; gives the consumer confidence in their purchase feeling your product will be of premium quality as well.  Can’t wait for my tag!

Chadwick – MA

I just won a Silver Paw Pet Tag from a drawing done at the Fryeburg Fair. I am having it engraved to read…FOREVER DEDICATED TO MY 4 LEGGED FURRY ONES. This one is for me. I bought one last year for my dog and I love it so much I wanted one for myself. His has really held up well. The engraving has not worn off. It’s a very durable dog tag with a classy style. So glad to know such a quality product can be found so close to home.

Debbie – Oxford, ME

I was so impressed with my tags for Abbey that I’ve decided to get tags for all the dogs in my family who lives in New Mexico.  Thank you! :)

Vicki – Idaho

Just wanted you to know that your dog tags are AMAZING! My dogs all wear several other tags on their collars and the ones you made are the ONLY ones that have held up! They still look brand new and are so easy to read, despite the fact that my dogs spend all day long outside in our yard while we’re at work. Good work!

Donna – VA

We just received a tag from our friends, Andy and Heather in honor of our beloved Maggie. We were so moved by the craftsmanship and beauty of this tag. It is gorgeous

Lynne – N. Conway, NH

I’m so pleased that Pinu looks so regal with his new tag. I’m also impressed that it took such little time. Also your customer care was great too.

Karen – Malta, Europe

I received my tag for my dog Jax and I love it! Not only does it look great, I can easily read his information. Best part it’s from Maine and I miss New England. Thanks for the great job!

Stephanie – TX

Here’s Zoe, sporting her new Silver Paw I.D. tag. Beautiful, heavyweight, wonderfully engraved. Zoe’s only 2 years old but has gone thru 6 tags because she’s so ruff-‘n-tumble… an unreadable tag is a useless tag — especially on a Siberian Husky… a breed known to run and run and run were she ever to breach the fence! I feel much more secure with the Silver Paw tag since it’s quite apparent that it’s not going to wear off in a matter of months like the others I’ve tried. Thank you so much for a wonderful product!

Mary – NY

We have a new puppy for this tag, but our older dog has one and is constantly in The Pacific Ocean and I am so grateful that they are so well made.

Angie – CA

Ace is an active dog. Five days a week, she frolics at the beach while I’m chained inside a fluorescent-lit cubicle. I noticed her nylon collars took a beating in the salty, sandy environment, but even worse off were her dog tags. They quickly became corroded and illegible, which, in addition to being unattractive, compromised their very purpose of identifying Ace in the event she becomes lost.Though I hesitated when I saw the price ($24.95), Silver Paw Pet Tags are absolutely worth the investment. They are made in the U.S.A. out of marine-grade stainless steel, and if you need to change your personal info they will re-engrave the tag for a small fee. Ace’s tag has held up beautifully. I recommend adding a tag silencer to your order.

Ace’s Mom/ Dogster Review

I received my tags for my two boxers. I’ve enclosed a picture of Junebug wearing hers. She sits still for pictures much, much better than Mike. Feel free to post it on your website or just enjoy! Thanks again for a beautiful, quality tag that should last for years.

Jeri – Michigan

We are thrilled with the tag’s quality and craftsmanship. Thank you for a great product!

Bev – ME

Great product. I don’t know if dogs could have been any harder on the tags than Dixie and Ottie. Free range, hunters, mischief makers, et al, they run all day in the woods of Sweden Maine, 365 days. Thanks again for a great product.

Chuck – Maine