Pet tag silencers & tag clips are great id tag accessories! The EZ Change ID Clip is just the right size to hook directly through the bail (loop) of our Silver Paw pet tags. The loop itself is thick and plated with nickel just the same as the d-ring on your collar. The entire clip is 7/8″ long and 5/8″ wide. This size is perfect for people who don’t want their dog’s tag to hang down too low on their dog’s chest. Small dogs under 15 lbs can have a particular issue with larger clips.

The EZ Change ID Clip spring mechanism itself is tight and well attached into the loop. The top of the clip mechanism nestles into a small curved hook for added protection. The whole unit is nice and light weight yet durable enough to do its job.

Silencers do what they profess and also protect the tag from abrasion.