Silver Paw Pet Tags will be out of the shop from 4/17-4/27. Orders placed during this time will be processed expediently when we return.
Thanks for your patience.

Our engraved small stainless steel id tags are unmatched for their durability and classy good looks. The tags are cast from yacht grade duplex 2205 stainless steel at a foundry here in Maine. The duplex 2205 stainless steel alloy we use is unsurpassed for its hardness and non-corrosive properties, which means the alloy will NEVER rust (even in salt water), shrivel, bend, blacken, become dull, or wear through at the loop. 7/8″ in diameter, the tags are also thick and measure the whopping equivalent of two dimes stacked together. A very thick bale or loop insures the tags will not wear through, fall off, or be lost. If you are looking for a truly indestructible tag for your little guy or gal, this is the one, and they are CHEW PROOF!