Top Travel Tips For Dogs and Their Owners

Top Travel Tips for Dogs and Their Owners

Are you and your pooch planning a special getaway together? Adventures with your four-legged friend can be big fun for you both so long as you take a little time to make plans with your favorite sidekick in mind. Read on for how to ensure that both you and your dog can make the most of every moment next time you hit the road.  

Destination Unknown?

When you’re ready to explore fresh territories with your canine companion, think about choosing a destination agreeable to you both. For instance, a chilly mountain trek could be the perfect fit if your furry friend is a cold weather lover. For dogs that love water, a vacation centered around swimming and boating could be a dream come true. Dogs with flat faces, on the other hand, generally do best with low-energy activities and mild temperatures. 

Meshing climate and activities can help you get started on choosing the perfect spot for your next getaway. Also, search out dog-friendly locations that fit your anticipated plans. There are many places that don’t welcome dogs, so a little research can go a long way to ensuring your adventures are successful. For example, you might think all the national parks are the same as far as pet policies, but some are more dog-friendly than others. Along those same lines, some beaches welcome dogs and some don’t, or if an urban adventure is calling your name, certain cities are particularly accommodating to canine companions.  

Gear Up for Fun

Getting to and from your destination can be half the fun so long as you’re outfitted for success.  Car trips are more bearable with appropriate travel gear, such as a seat cover, travel bowls, and a restraint to keep your dog safely in his seat. Also, think about other accessories that will make experiences more comfortable. If trails or tents are part of your travel plans, your pooch can tote his own supplies with a well-chosen backpack, although there is a surprising variety, so read reviews to select the best one for your dog. Swimming and other water-oriented outings might require a doggy life jacket, and some dogs require coats for cold temps or cooling vests for heat. Thoughtful accessories can equate to delightful fun and less chance for misadventures.  

Safe Travels

For safety’s sake, include some dog-oriented first aid supplies in your travel gear in case there’s an incident. Similarly, your dog should wear an up-to-date, easy-to-read ID tag on the chance he slips away, and make a trip to the vet to ensure your dog’s vaccinations are current. If your dog has any special medical conditions, bring along copies of pertinent records, and research the veterinary clinic or hospital closest to your destination. You can use this search tool to help. Bring your dog’s prescription medications along as needed, and if your pooch is on a special diet, pack enough for your trip plus a bit extra in case you experience delays.  

Where Shall We Dine?

Whether you’re looking for opportunities to stop on the way to and from your destination, or weaving some Fido-friendly events together in your travel agenda, eateries that accept furry companions can ease some of your traveling angst. Many outdoor cafes are dog-friendly, and some chain restaurants allow pets as well. So you, your dog, and other diners all have a good time, Food & Wine suggests brushing up on your pooch’s table manners. And last but not least, when it comes to keeping things enjoyable for everyone, remember to pick up after your pooch.

Planning and preparation can make a world of difference when you’re taking a trip with your dog. Choose a hospitable destination, invest in the appropriate gear, and think about ways you can ensure your getaway is safe and fun for everyone. You and your furry traveling companion are sure to enjoy the vacation of your dreams, thanks to your thoughtful planning.

Travel Tips for Dogs and Their Owners