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Top Travel Tips For Dogs and Their Owners

Top Travel Tips for Dogs and Their Owners Are you and your pooch planning a special getaway together? Adventures with your four-legged friend can be big fun for you both so long as you take a little time to make plans with your favorite sidekick in mind. Read on for how to ensure that both […]

What Do I Put On My Dog’s ID Tag?

What’s The Most Important Information to Have On Your Dog’s ID Tag? Equipping your dog with a highly readable, sturdy, id tag is your first line of defense in your precious pet’s recovery. With so little space and so much important stuff to put in it, what’s the smartest and most necessary information to help […]

Keeping Your Home Spotless With Pets: Tips For Dog Owners

Keeping Your Home Spotless with Pets: 
Tips for Dog Owners As many pet owners know, it can be difficult to keep a house spotless every day. Even the most well-behaved and well-groomed animal can leave little messes behind, from excess hair to mud from his paws. It can be downright exhausting to maintain everything — […]

Your First Pet: What You Need to Know

Caring for your first pet is a big responsibility, but it is much easier with the proper preparations. First, it’s important to select the right pet (and breed, if applicable). Next, you must prepare your home for your pet and properly acclimate him so you can bond. Let’s see what you need to make those […]

RUBY: The Silver Paw Pup/ When The Dog You Love Gets Old

I’ve had a few dogs over the years. They were loved with all my heart and soul. I’ve never had a dog who really took their time, without any major ailments like cancer, to leave this world. I’ve never cared for a loved one who seriously needed help caring for themselves for an extended time. […]

Silver Paw Pet ID Tags: Made in Maine Not China!

Buy local, buy USA… it has a familiar ring these days! When buying local means buying higher price, those of us living paycheck to paycheck just don’t go there for obvious reasons. However, buying local can sometimes mean buying smart, especially when you consider things like customer service, quality of product, and guarantees. Those of […]

Rotary Engraving, Stamping, or Laser Engraving Pet ID Tags: Which Is Best?

There are three basic approaches to applying information to pet id tags. If you are reading this, I’m assuming you are looking for the best type of engraving to purchase on your pet tag. Computerized rotary engravers use a sharp cutter to actually remove metal from the surface of lines. Stamping machines exert tremendous force to […]

Moving: Renewing & Updating Engraving Info On Silver Paw Pet Tags

Going through a move and all the accompanying changes associated with it are a hassle any day of the week, month, or year! In the hecticness, one of the most overlooked tasks people often forget about is to update the information on their dog’s id tags. There are all of the other changes to checkbooks, […]

Silver Paw Tags/ Sticker Shock!

“Now, $30 for just a tag can be a bit hard to swallow, but they are 100% worth it,” wrote one of our customers several years ago. “The amount I was spending on each supposedly “durable” id tag at the pet store was easily munched and mangled, so I figured why not get a GOOD […]

Brownfield Jeweler Goes To The Dogs

Brownfield jeweler, Karen Twombly, isn’t giving up. With 19 years of business under her belt and gold and silver prices through the roof, Twombly, is reinventing herself. “ I’ve had plenty of time, sitting at shows, to ponder the fate of jewelry in a less than thriving economy.” Spurred on by her trusty canine companions, […]